ARCH is a premium addition to the leading online Temtem resource TemTeam.
You will be provided with many extras to help you in your Temtem adventure and when making use of TemTeam.
TemTeam Arch is a service which will be billed monthly and will keep getting premium extras throughout the development of TemTeam.

Available for:
3.00 per month
Why use TemTeam ARCH

Nicknames and Notes

Always wanted to give the Temtem sets you create in the Team Builder and in your Boxes a nickname and some notes? ARCH will allow you to save and share the nicknamed Temtem with notes that you come up with on TemTeam!

Unlimited Boxes

When you need more Boxes to help organise your saved Temtem sets on TemTeam and not be restricted to the maximum of 3.

A fancy icon

Everywhere that your name will show up on TemTeam it will include a fancy ARCH icon to let everyone know that you support TemTeam!

More Themes

Get 6 more premium themes. One for each Temtem island

Second theme, Omninesia has been added. Please bear with us while we add the remaining four themes: Tucma, Kisiwa, Cipanku and Arbury

Custom search keywords

Felt like needing more ways to find what you need on TemTeam due to using a abbrevations or nicknames for Temtem or Techniques a lot?
TemTeam ARCH will allow you to create and maintain your own personal search keywords to customise your TemTeam experience.
This will end up being a completely new feature!

Vanity URL

Sharing your profile could use a bit more love. Set your own custom vanity url to make sharing your profile easier instead of using a server generated ID.

For example: https://tem.team/tamer/tylo

The tamer profile page is still being worked on!

Custom Techniques

Big fan of the Custom Temtem feature on TemTeam but feel like it is still a little lacking in customisability? Now you can add custom techniques to your custom Temtem!

There will be some limitations which we are aiming to resolve by improving the Damage Calculator bit by bit! At the start it will not be possible to use non standard technique effects like Dim Mak or Revitalize.

This will end up being a completely new feature!
Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when I end my ARCH subscription?

Not much will happen. You won't be able to make use of all of the above features. However you won't be locked out of any of the things you created.

For example: You added 6 more boxes to organise your Temtem Sets in. Awesome! You won't be able to create more than those you have now, however you will still be able to do everything you need with the boxes that are over the regular non ARCH limit

I have more questions

That's great! We'd be happy to answer them for you!

Join our Discord! or send us a mail at support@tem.team!